Sodick Hayabusa 200 P5-5
Picture 1: Sodick Hayabusa 200 P5-5

Genuine Consumables

Modern EDM machines work harder and faster than ever before, with developing technology constantly pushing the boundaries of what is possible to achieve ever-greater levels of productivity and accuracy. Genuine wire electrode Sodick Hayabusa 200 P5-5 (0.2mm) and Tsubame Plus are the best choice for customer - who want to improve productivity and quality of products.

As a world leader in EDM technology, Sodick develops and manufactures not only the most productive EDM machines, but also a range of consumables expressly designed to keep that equipment operating at optimal efficiency.

To get the very best from your EDM equipment you need to be using the most appropriate, most consistent, high quality consumables for your application and your machine - genuine Sodick EDM consumables that you can rely on.

  • Quality
  • Accuracy
  • Consistency
  • Reliability

Sodick Hayabusa 200 P5-5 wire
Picture 2: Sodick Hayabusa 200 P5-5 cutting results


  • Sodick Hayabusa 200 P5-5, Tsubame Plus wire electrode (brass, coated & steel core from 0.3mm to 0.03mm)
  • Filters (wire, die-sinking & small-hole machines)
  • Wire EDM wear parts including guides, flush nozzles, etc.
  • DI Tank & Resin programs
  • Small Hole Drilling Machine Supplies
  • Electrodes for small-hole and standard EDM machines
  • EDM Oil
  • EDM Tooling

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