Mold/Die Processing Machines

NSD's history rooted in Electrical Discharge Machines

NSD Corp. provides an extensive product lineup that includes electrical discharge machines—representing one of the largest market shares in the world—and precision metal 3D printers. Our products are highly regarded in a wide range of fields including the automotive industry and the electronics industry, exemplified by smartphones, digital cameras, and other devices.

Sinker EDM

  • High-Speed and High-Response 3-Axis (XYZ) Linear Motor Drive
  • High Rigidity Construction and Precision Thermal Compensation System
  • New High-Speed "Power Supply"Boosts Machining Speed from Rough to Finish
  • Arc-less & High Quality Surface Finish
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Wire EDM

  • High Speed & High Precision Wire-cut EDM
  • 4-axis linear motor drive
  • New Power Supply Unit
  • Improves Operability and Productivity
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Small Hole EDM - Made in KOREA

  • NSD’s CNC Technologies are included
  • Easy to Use for Anyone
  • Continuous Drilling even if smaller than 0.3mm
  • Best for Drilling Nozzle
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Surface grinding machine - Made in KOREA

  • Brand No. 1 in Korea
  • Robust cast iron and stable structure for precision grinding
  • Automatic continuous lubrication on all slideways and leadscrews
  • Precision Surface Grinding Machine
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Laser Welding Machine - Made in Italy

Suitable both for prolonged and occasional use, SWT OPEN is made with special care to technical and aesthetic details.

Durable machine which guarantees a smooth and accurate movement with high capacity and extended axes stroke.

Digitally advanced
The optimized software simplifies accessibility to the process and ensures repeatability of the result. It is also possible to carry out: welding recipes loading, know-how retention, remote diagnostics, process and performance monitoring and remote assistance.

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Die Spotting Machine - Made in KOREA

  • Patent technology of Balance Descending and Zero pressure when checking clearance to protect mould (Korea Patent No.10-1018101)
  • Low noise
  • High Repeat-ability with Precise Position control
  • Leak free Hydraulic circuit
  • Safety Locking Device at top position of slide
  • One Touch coupling for Core sliding Test
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