High Precision Surface Grinder
Avalable with: Saddle type, Column type and Double column type

  • Okamoto-Surface-Grinding-Machine-Daesan-NSD-VINA

    Saddle type

    Small and Medium size
    450 x 200mm
    1200 x 600mm

  • Okamoto-Surface-Grinder-Daesan

    Column type

    Medium and Big size
    1600 x 700mm
    3000 x 800mm

  • Double-Column-Surface-Grinder-Machine-Daesan

    Double Column

    Big and Ultra size
    1500 x 1000mm
    6000 x 2000mm

Surface grinding machines have 3 main functions applied in industry including: Surface grinding, polishing materials; Cut the materials and Clean the surface of the material

The grinding machine makes it easy to perform almost hard machining tasks, it brings benefits when shortening the production cycle and speeding time to finish. High precision processing capabilities helps improve the efficiency of the products, producing sophisticated industrial products.

Surface grinding machines are used wildly in manufacturing processes. These grinders use rotating wheel to produce finishing to metallic workpieces and other objects at desired shape with high accuracy and speedy as well. After surface grinding process material obtained is of high quality finished. Surface grinding machines are available in automatic or in manual mode. The intuitive operation of the controls simplifies usage and increases productivity considerably. We offer series which have both type of control mode through our machines.


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