CMTI Die spotting machine (Made in KOREA)
High Quality, High Repeat-ability with Precise Position control

Die Spotting Presses are used in the manufacturing and verification of dies and molds. Their dimensions are defined according to the die or mold to be proved. Generally speaking, the required force is lower than in try out presses or production presses as their task is to check the contacting surfaces between the upper and lower parts or the die, rather than producing parts.

Spotting Presses have very exigent characteristics in regards to guiding and stopping position as it is mandatory that the cutting punchers of one side damage the other side of the die.

Molds are less exigent in guiding and column guides are normally used. However, it is recommended to add tilting devices in both slide and bolster in order to improve the ergonomic of the skilled workers who are fitting the mold.

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