Hankook NSD CNC Small Hole Drilling EDM is a precise full automated machine tool that can drill small holes such as 0.08~3.0mm diameter with a programmable computer control. If you need real unattended process, it is the solution that you need.



The NSD-510 is very unique. This is a small EDM Driller,but there are all CNC drilling functions of NSD’s full auto machine inside this machine except for ATC and AGC.

X, Y, Z Travel: 510 x 300 x 440 mm (20.08" x 11.81" x 17.32")



The travel distance of NSD-530K is 550 x 310 x 640, however the Table size is 1000 x 750mm. This will give more Space to the operator. Also the Table is made of precise Granite.

X, Y, Z Travel: 550 x 310 x 640 mm (21.65" x 12.20" x 25.20")



The most necessary device is Auto Tool Change to drill many holes in continuous process. If the ATC is too small, it could be inconvenient.

NSD-640K is small, but you can set 18 electrodes at one time. Also you can order 36 hole Tool Bar (2 rows).

X, Y, Z Travel: 700 x 420 x 640 mm (27.56" x 16.54" x 25.20")



Dual Moving Type Sub Guides make rotation of electrode stable so User can reduce expenses by using 700mm electrode.

The widest granite table among comparable models to process from small mould to big size press mould.

X, Y, Z Travel: 800 x 450 x 640 mm (31.50" x 17.72" x 25.20")



NSD-1000K is specially designed to process big size mold. The work table is low enough so that you can handle a big and heavy material safely by yourself without other’s help. The important thing is safety and you can work those big size molds in real safe way.

X, Y, Z Travel: 1050 x 600 x 640 mm (41.34" x 23.62" x 25.20")



Making small size EDM drill is easy, but if you want to make a big EDM drill, There are so many difficult problems you have to solve because of the accuracy. Hankook NSD has the technologies that keep accuracy of pitch, durability while making this big size EDM drill.

X, Y, Z Travel: 1300 x 800 x 640 mm (51.18" x 31.50" x 25.20")


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