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Eco-Cut O (oil) Technology enables the EDM to reduce the time required to manufacture precision dies and parts. It also increases productivity and reduces energy consumption. When using oil dielectric, this new technology enables the EDM to machine parts faster than that of water dielectric, or standard oil dielectric.

Oil technology is nothing new to Sodick, Eco-Cut O technology is. Eco-Cut O Technology has enabled the use of oil dielectric at speeds of water dielectric, or faster.

With this new technology, users are now able to get the optimal surface finish of oil dielectric with the speeds of water dielectric. Using Eco-Cut O Technology, a user can increase machining speeds up to 12% over water dielectric and up to 25% over conventional oil dielectric.

The entire concept of EDMing using oil technology is nothing new to Sodick. Sodick has had this technology for over 25 years, 1981 to be exact. Water dielectric became the industry standard for many years mainly due to the speed factor when cutting in water. Oil was always presumed to be a slower alternative. Oil dielectric doesn’t have to be slower than water dielectric. It depends on the application being used, with Sodick’s new Eco-Cut O Technology, oil dielectric actually speeds up the cutting process due to the accuracy and surface finish being obtained at a faster pace requiring less cuts to be made to the part.

The AP series Wire EDM  are the first Sodick machines to feature Eco-Cut O.

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