NC Unit

The NC unit: the “brain” of Sodick products

Excellent commander maximizes the capabilities of Sodick products.


About NC unit

A NC unit is a numerical control unit that uses numeric value information and a servo mechanism to control the movement of machine tools and robots. Sodick owns the industrial property rights for producing NC unit (including the display unit and input unit) of a maximum 8-axis simultaneous control and copyrights for duplicating and use of the numerical control software used in the high-speed milling centers.


Wire-cut Electrical Discharge Machining

  • 19-inch multi-touch LCD system
    Established improved productivity including the setup with the comprehensive operability of a smartphone touch operation.
    Switching of the keyboard type available with the use of software keyboard.
  • Equipped with a high-speed dual-core processor
    Overwhelming information processing speed achieves highly accurate, high resolution, high speed servo control.
  • 1Gbit/sec serial communication
    A high real time performance protocol achieves high speed multi-axis synchronous servo control.

Background of Development

A NC unit plays the role of demonstrating the best ability of the machine performance possible. Sodick's NC technology started with the idea of attaching an NC unit to freely control motors for electrical discharge machines. In order to achieve high quality processing and not to compromise accuracy at the same time, developing Sodick’s original NC unit that is specified for electrical discharge machine designed for fine numeric value adjustment became necessary. All the more reason, NC unit was developed to maximize the ability of Sodick products, to realize and achieve ultra-high and high quality processing performance that cannot be done anywhere but Sodick. Additionally the NC unit can be changed according to each machine tool, providing flexibility by developing a man-machine interface for each product since the hardware part was developed based on a PC.

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