SISMA Laser welding machine (Made in ITALY)
Our range of laser welders for industrial applications: integrate sources, manual and automatic systems for repetitive work cycles.

SWS, automatic 3 or 4 axis CNC laser welding station.


Solid and accurate
The axes movement system ensures high precision thanks to the solid structure and the materials used.

The laser source has been designed to guarantee high operating stability both at low and high power.

The machine is equipped with a 21” screen PC and dedicated SISMA user interface.


SWS Series Specification
SWS Series Specification

SWT OPEN, semi-manual laser welding and mould repair system

SWT-OPEN Series specification

Suitable both for prolonged and occasional use, SWT OPEN is made with special care to technical and aesthetic details.

Durable machine which guarantees a smooth and accurate movement with high capacity and extended axes stroke.

Digitally advanced
The optimized software simplifies accessibility to the process and ensures repeatability of the result. It is also possible to carry out: welding recipes loading, know-how retention, remote diagnostics, process and performance monitoring and remote assistance.


SWT-OPEN Series Specification
SWT-OPEN Series Specification

SWA, semi-manual laser welding and mould repair system


SWA is designed to deal with long work sessions on a daily basis without losing precision and quality of the result.

Advanced software
Working parameters are managed through an advanced software, which allows to perform complex operations in an easy and intuitive way: circumference welding, working on inclined surfaces, filling and the Overlap function for extremely regular welding seams.

Flexible positioning and rotation of the welding head provides tremendous flexibility, making SWA adaptable to every need. This feature allows to perform maintenance also on irregular-shaped moulds, even ont the inner parts

SWA Series Specification
SWA Series Specification

LM-B, semi-manual laser welding and mould repair system.

LM-B-sistemi laser-saldatori-manuali

LM-B incorporates the Smart Spot technology for a repeatable welding process ensuring a wide depth of field and a stable laser firing already from the first pulses.

The new ergonomic design and low noise level ensure total operator comfort. The ECO function deactivates specific system components during periods of inactivity thereby ensuring reduced consumption.

Digitally advanced
Precise consumables monitoring, high pulse stability and longer lamp life.

LM-B Series Specification
LM-B Series Specification


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