Hankook NSD CNC Small Hole Drilling EDM is a precise full automated machine tool that can drill small holes such as 0.08~3.0mm diameter with a programmable computer control. If you need real unattended process, it is the solution that you need.













Main Features

● NSD’s CNC Technologies are included.

NSD machine is real “computer based” CNC.  You can load DXF files or NC programs directly, adjust EP technologies in detail. It checks the electrode wear % and compensate parameters automatically. This is very important to make sure to penetrate holes.

Even it can control hole depth or drill blind holes.

● 3~4 Pumps for Each Purpose/ Auto Conductivity Control

3 phases power is much effective than 2 phases power.  The NSD’s main pump has a strong 3 phases powered motor.

Also our models have two more pumps for each purpose. One is for the second filter and the other is for Ion Exchange Resin.

NSD EDM driller has even its own conductivity sensor and run the ion pump automatically to keep conductivity.

●  Easy to Use for Anyone

NSD Software is very easy to use.

User has to enter the thickness of material and then can start drilling.

User does not have to know the consumption of the material.

User does not have to worry about penetration, NSD machine will do everything.

● 18 Electrodes Auto Tool Change (Loop Available)

The most necessary device is Auto Tool Change to drill many holes in continuous process. If the ATC is too small, it could be inconvenient.

With NSD machine you can set 18 electrodes at one time. Also you can order 36 hole Tool Bar(2 rows). Add on that, you can loop them.

● Continuous Drilling even if smaller than 0.3mm

This picture is a sample of 1000 holes by using 0.2mm electrode.

NSD machine is the best for these kinds of continuous job such as LED or PCB mold.

● Dual Moving Type Sub Guides, 700mm electrode available

User can reduce expenses  by using 700mm electrode. It makes rotation of electrode stable so that machine could be more precise.

● Drilling ø6.0 is Possible

If you want to drill bigger than ø3.0 holes, just ask us about some simple options.

● Wide and Low Thick Granite Table

Wide, Low and Opened big size high quality granite work table is supplied. This makes you to process big and heavy materials easily and safely.

● Big EDM Drill Requires High Technologies

Making small size EDM drill is easy, but if you want to make a big EDM drill, There are so many difficult problems you have to solve because of the accuracy.

HANKOOK NSD has the technologies that keep accuracy of pitch, durability while making this big size EDM drill.

● Best for Drilling Nozzle

You can drill nozzles easily and perfectly with NSD-1000K such as nozzles on the plastic mold those are long and thick.

Product Specifications

NSD-510 NSD-530K NSD-640K
Table size X x Y (mm) 500×400 1000×750 1000×750
Travel distance X x Y x Z x W (mm) 510×300x250x440 550×310x360x640 700×420x360x640
Max. workpiece weight (kg) 100 300 300
Electrode diameter (mm) 0.2 ~ 3.0 0.2 ~ 3.0 (0.1~ or ~6.0 Option) 0.2 ~ 3.0 (0.1~ or ~6.0 Option)
Electrode length (mm) up to 500 up to 700 up to 700
Machine tool dimensions W x D x H (mm) 1355 x 1320 x 1860 1760 × 1740 x 2165 1760 × 1740 x 2165
NSD-750K NSD-1000K NSD-8000G
Table size X x Y (mm) 1200x900 1200×900 1200×1000
Travel distance X x Y x Z x W (mm) 800×450x360x640 1050×600x360x640 1300×800x360x640
Max. workpiece weight (kg) 500 1000 1000
Electrode diameter (mm) 0.2 ~ 3.0 (0.1~ or ~6.0 Option) 0.2 ~ 3.0 (0.1~ or ~6.0 Option) 0.2 ~ 3.0 (0.1~ or ~6.0 Option)
Electrode length (mm) up to 700 up to 700 up to 700
Machine tool dimensions W x D x H (mm) 1960 × 2040 × 2165 2910 × 1500 × 2005 2850 × 1455 × 2020


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