Our gravity die casting machines can be supplied as single machines or fully automated solutions in three layouts: carousel, linear cell or flexible cell. We offer integrated solutions for the gravity foundry with complete flexibility and customization, from design to technical support during production.


Engineered by experts to deliver:

  • Very high production rate and better resource control (labour, energy, costs)
  • Absolute flexibility with the installation of any type of gravity die casting machine
  • Tailored solutions to suit your exact needs: we work with you to create the perfect layout for the reliable integration of an automated working cycle
  • Full automation with Gauss gantry or with anthropomorphic robots of the most requested brands with the following functions: core setting, pouring, unloading, pieces marking, pre-decoring and filters placement

Our gravity die casting (GDC) machines which can be built into the cell include:

  • Die horizontal opening machines
  • Die vertical opening machines
  • 0/90° tilting machine controlled by hydraulic servo-valve, GT CAST-ID series
  • 0/120° tilting machine controlled by servomotor, GT CAST-EL series

Quality casting, every time

Our automated GDC solutions are engineered with a sophisticated supervision system to guarantee the highest casting quality. The supervision system offers:

  • Traceability of produced pieces
  • Storage of all dies and furnace temperature parameters
  • Control of die heating/cooling and the respective storage of the temperature curves
  • Programming and control of all system function parameters
  • Setting up of specific “receipt” with storage of all the parameters
  • Connection with production management system and customer data centralisation


Gravity die casting technology is ideal for diverse complex aluminium casting production of automotive parts such as: turbos, brake calipers, knuckles, engine cylinder heads, engine blocks and pistons. It suits many other industries too, from lighting components to kitchen tools.

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