NSD VINA, a leader in the production of high-pressure and gravity die casting solutions, has developed a line of low-pressure die casting machines, the LPG series. This gives you the advantage of having a partner for 3 different light alloy casting technologies.

Key Benefits

  • Large dimension
  • Tilting furnace
  • Castings removal


  • Rationalisation of the cooling system which runs using proportional electro valves and hydraulic blocks, all seated and grouped on top of the machine, with access stairs for easier maintenance
  • Large platen and furnace dimensions for multiple cavity dies
  • Translation of the furnace on rails with auto lift and lock
  • Tilting furnace to facilitate emptying and maintenance
  • Casting removal device for complete automation

Automation and Peripheral Devices

LPG Machine can be supplied with automation and peripheral devices: a fully automated cell that integrates all peripheral devices, from the furnace to automatic deburring with pieces ready for machining.

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