Sodick Linear Motor Driver / High speed - High performance series. Achieving the superlative performance with in-house developed core technologies. It is recommended to use Sodick Hayabusa for the best performance.




Main Features

4-axis linear motor drive

Direct drive method without a ball screw was established, utilizing a high performance linear motor developed and manufactured in-house for the 4 axes of X, Y, U and V.
Precise axis movements without backlash can be maintained semi-permanently. Demonstrates accurate position control and excellent discharge characteristics while machining, through the high response and high following characteristics which are the features of the linear motor.

New Power Supply Unit & New Machining Circuit

Has a 19-inch horizontal type touch panel, realizing the most up-to-date man-machine interface and also ensuring ease of viewing and ease of use.
This machine is standardly equipped with the "barrel-free effect control II" which greatly reduces the barrel amount during machining, and "TMP Control II" which improves the surface roughness of the second cut and realizes high speed finish machining.

Improves Operability and Productivity

The operability is improved with the standardly equipped ceramic work stand, square shaped table, automatic three sides up and down type processing tank and Z-axis following automatic liquid level control function.
The high speed automatic wire connection unit (FJ-AWT) and the intermediate liquid level control function enables unattended high precision machining can be performed, which improves productivity.

Product Specifications

Axis stroke X×Y×Z (mm) 400 × 300 × 250 600 × 400 × 350 800 × 600 × 500
U x V axis travel (mm) 150 × 150 150 × 150 200 × 200
Taper angle max. ±25°(thickness:130mm) ±25°(thickness:130mm) ±25°(thickness:130mm)
Max. workpiece dimensions W x D x H (mm) 600 × 470 × 240 (Flushing machining) 800 × 570 × 340 (Flushing machining) 1250 × 1020 × 500 (Flushing machining)
Max. weight of workpiece (kg) 500 1000 3000
Machine tool dimensions W x D x H (mm) 2115 × 2335 × 2185 2445 × 2685 × 2296 3310 × 3360 × 2695


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