Direct-drive system, new power supply unit, wire feeder, automatic wire threader,

and L-Cut Wire Chopper enables continuous automatic machine operation









Main Features

Direct-drive & Integrated structure

Sodick's direct-drive system uses linear motors and linear scales, and its excellent positioning accuracy never diminishes over time. The machine also employs a unique integrated structure design, offering the world's best-in-class installation space and machining area size.

New power supply unit

The new power supply unit employs Sodick's 5th generation “Perfect Active Control” EDM technology. In addition, the 1GB/sec serial communication data rate makes simultaneous high-speed processing of both discharge control and motion control possible.

Ultra-high speed AWT

The Super Jet AWT (Ultra-high speed Automatic Wire Threader unit) uses the conventional pipe-jet method combined with wire annealing function, greatly expanding the range of wire connection modes to choose from and meets the needs of various applications.

Product Specifications

AQ750L AQ900L
Axis stroke X x Y x Z (mm) 750×500×400 900×600×400
U x V axis travel (mm) 770×520 920×620
Max. taper angle ±30°
Max. machining size W x D x H (mm) 1050×750×400 1200×900×400
Max. weight of workpiece (kg) 1500 2000
Machine tool dimensions W x D x H (mm) 2100×2800×2350 2380×3150×2395

AQ1200L AQ1500L
Axis stroke X x Y x Z (mm) 1200×800×400 1500×1000×600
U x V axis travel (mm) 1220×820 1520×1020
Max. taper angle ±30°
Max. machining size W x D x H (mm) 1600×1200×400 1900×1400×600
Max. weight of workpiece (kg) 4000 8000
Machine tool dimensions W x D x H (mm) 4100×3870×2490 5600×4435×2930


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